Webinar “Rethinking Data in 2021”

Webinar “Rethinking Data in 2021”
26 February 2021 Trust EU admin


Customer data. An area of vast potential but a potential minefield from a regulatory perspective. If insurers can effectively harness the value of their customer data, there are opportunities to deliver tonnes of value in countless capacities. But, as is so true with insurance, where one finds innovation, regulations are sure to appear close by. Regulations are no more likely to become less stringent this year than before, quite the opposite actually, but if insurers want to make better use of their customer data, then they’ll have to learn how to either innovate around those regulations or understand regulators better to know what innovations will and won’t be allowed.

In this session, our data and regulation gurus will be showing you how to build an infrastructure that fits with regulatory requirements but one that effectively harnesses the power and value of consumer data to create incredible products and boost engagement with customers.


What new data regulations do insurers have to deal with?
How can insurers work with regulators to better use customer data?
How can insurers better use data to improve product development and customer engagement?


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